Derry Luttrell

Writer, storyteller, animator, eejit. They/He, host of the Dice Will Roll podcast and author and illustrator for Team+. Loves dinosaurs, horror and Celtic mythology. Lives next to a big cathedral that wakes them up every morning with church bells, but doesn't mind it too much.

Writing Credits


A series of best-selling 3rd Party Books for Pathfinder 2nd Edition, adding extra feats and subclasses to the game. Co-written alongside Tony Saunders.

Subgrubs & Snazzards

A Homestuck TTRPG fan-game spanning 700 pages, with options from nuclear-powered psychics to nightmare-hopping juggalo cultists. Lead mechanics developer and director of narrative. Find it here.

Other Writing Work

Writing Samples

  • Streets Patron, a witch patron for those who walk the alleys of cities rather than the tunnels of dungeons (Witches+, Pathfinder 2nd Edition, 190 words, Class options)

  • Mirthcloud, a gas giant full of clown cultists (Subgrubs & Snazzards RPG, 285 Words, Worldbuilding)

  • Lechuza hags, owl-faced hags that carry off their victims in stormy ambushes (Safe Haven: A Weird West Tale, Pathfinder 2nd Edition, 450 Words, Creatures)